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Tanveer show in Nashik

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Abdul Waheed Tanveer of TVS Racing strengthened his grip on the pro-Expert Class as he extended his lead over defending champion and teammate Aravind KP by winning the second round of the MRF MoGrip FMSCI National Rally Championship for two-wheelers in Nashik on Sunday.
Tanveer, who won the season opener in Bengaluru, emerged the best again as he recorded 48 minutes and 44 seconds of penalty points to complete the 58.50-km course, edging out Aravind by four seconds, according to a press release from the organisers. Their teammate R Natraj came in third at 53:40.
Tanveer took a massive lead in the opening stage which he completed in 16 minutes and 17 seconds, beating Aravind by 16 seconds.  Aravind, however, managed to beat Tanveer over the next two stages, but could not make up on the time lost in the opening stage.
Aravind won the third stage by two seconds, completing it in exactly 16 minutes, while Tanveer finished the stage in 16:02 as the fight went down to the wire.
The third round will be held in Velhe near Pune on May 21-22.
Bengaluru privateer Vishwas SD won the Superbikes Expert Class on a Yamaha WR250. Indore’s Yashraj Rathod came second, while Amol Talpade from Pune came third on a Triumph.
Provisional results:
Overall: 1. Abdul Waheed Tanveer (TVS Racing) 48 min, 44 seconds; 2. Arvind KP (TVS Racing) (48:48); 3. R Natraj (TVS Racing) (53:40).
Super Bikes Pro-Expert Class A: 1. Abdul Waheed Tanveer (TVS Racing) 48 min, 44 seconds, 2. Arvind KP (TVS Racing) (48:48); 3. R Natraj (TVS Racing) (53:40).
Super Bikes Expert Class A: 1. Vishwas SD (privateer) (56:39); 2. Yashraj Rathod (Pvt) (1:00:27); 3. Amol Talpade (Pvt) (1:02:21).
Super Sport 130 B: 1. Shivkumar R (59:29); 2. Mohammed Zaidan Azeem (1:03:01); 3. K Sarvana Kumar (1:06.30).
Super Sport 165 B: 1. Rajendra RE (54:30); 2. Febin Jose (55:02);  3. Kutappa NS (56:35).
Super Sport 260 B: 1. Suhail Ahmed (53:47); 2. Yuva Kumar (Team TVS Racing) (56:15); 3. Eshank Rudrappa (58:50).
Super Sport 400B: 1. Venu Ramesh Kumar (59:56); 2. Shreyas Chandra (1:00:04); 3. Neeraj Samarth (1:00:40).
Super Sport 550 B: 1. Aakash Ithal (58:40); 2. Shahrukh Mohammad (1:02:42); 3. Prakash N (1:08:08).
Scooter 210B: 1. Syed Asif Ali (58:59); 2. Yash Mohan Pawar (1:01:37); 3. Hiten Thakkar (1:03:06).
Star of Nashik: 1. Aditya Thakkar (1:01:07); 2. Mansingh Thakur (1:01:14); 3. Ankit Gajjar (1:03:28).