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Namaste Motorsport Enthusiasts!

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The FIA eConference was held on the 16th ,17th and 18th June 2020, aptly named “Shaping the future together.” Numerous topics were discussed but what stood out for me was that eRacing or Sim Racing is the future. It will be financially reasonable to engage people at large, be it drivers, steward, fans etc and this also will be handled professionally. FIA is in the process of finalizing its parameters.

Excitement is palpable with F1 planning to restart its engines in July and this will undoubtedly create a benchmark for protocol on how motorsports should go ahead.

FIM WIM has invited India to do a global webinar on Pranayam and Meditation for Motorsports. We at WIM, India had curated a webinar on Prananyam and Meditation in Motorsports ,on the 12th of June and gave tips on yogic breathing and harnessing the power of the vital force. Further,we held a webinar for Marshals and Volunteers on the 12th May 2020 which was very well received and are proud to say that we  managed to engage a large number of volunteers. We will be giving them their field training once we open up.

The FIA WIM’s quarterly meet was held on 19th May and the FIA Girls on Track-Rising Stars for 2020 is scheduled to start in October 2020. We are delighted to mention that India has been awarded one seat from a list of 70 applicants.This is a project to detect and nurture female racing talent of the future. Ferrari is also collaborating on this program which will hopefully result in two winning drivers becoming Ferrari’s first ever female racers.

Extreme E is to be held next year. The pioneering electric off-road racing series, will see teams field both a male and female driver in its races –promoting gender equality and a level playing field amongst competitors. Extreme E will use a traditional round-robin format with the top four progressing to the knock-out stage and each team going head-to head to earn a place in the final. The off-road stages will be around 6-10km in length. A male and a female driver, competing together in every two-lap race as driver and co-driver. Each will complete one lap of the same course, with a driver changeover incorporated into the race format, and it’s up to the teams to determine driver and co-driver order to best suit their strategy. Extreme E car’s peak 400kw (550hp) output is capable of firing the 1650-kilogram, 2.3-metre wide car from 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds

Our two wheeler girls celebrated World Motorcycle Day and International Yoga Day, June 21, on social media. Anita Nanjapa has been attending FIM Webinar Wednesdays on topics like The Effects of the Pandemic on Women in the Sport and their response to it and Equality within the Sport. Mental training, yoga, virtual racing, listening to inspiring speakers and professional athletes were suggested to remain positive in these times. Getting in touch with professional riders and female role models/ coaches, training, watching events and finding a discipline that suits one is the way forward.

So,never give up, believe in yourself, follow your path and opportunities will manifest.

Sita Raina, Chairperson,
FMSCI WIM Commission,
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