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Indian girl raises tricolour in South Korea

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An Indian girl with a lustrous career in a corporate shipping sector working at GFL Fuels is still actualizing the recent events that have occurred over last few days. Ms. Khyati Mody who is no stranger to the world of Indian Motorsports has always left a mark in this male dominated sport.

She was delighted to be selected a part of Team India squad during the trial rounds in Banglore in June for Asia Auto Gymkhana Championship ( AAGC)

Just 6 days before South Korea round she got a call from the federation saying that one of the team member could not attend this round and she was selected for this round. She was thrilled and anxious since there was barely anytime to get any training done or sort the visas out. She did not even have a valid FIA rally overall. Her helmet and shoes were in Delhi. She entrusted her instinct at that moment and confirmed that she will definitely leave for South Korea if her visas are sorted at such prompt notice. She accumulated all her documents and applied for a visa at the embassy and her visas were sorted in a day. Her other 2 team mates of The Indian squad Achintya Mehrotra and Sahil Khanna were doing a basic BMW course in South Korea prior to the round and suggested she should do it too but unfortunately all the slots were full. The very next day before booking her flight ticket she impulsively checked the slot availability and miraculously one slot opened up. She immediately booked it and she now needed an International driving license to attend this course. Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) assisted her and immediately arranged an international driving permit.

In Mumbai it’s easier to find God than land to practice hand brake turns , car maneuvering etc. Ajmera Indi Karting in wadala was happy to lend her the karting track for her practice. Rayo racing head Mr. Rayomand Banerjee and AAGC committee personal Mr. Harshit Merchant helped her in guiding her towards refining her skill in the few hour’s practice that could be managed in the last 2-3 days prior to her flight. The biggest challenge was getting the rally suit. Her office was very supportive and realizing the urgency of the situation they made an office staff fly abroad and procure the blue rally suit that she wanted while holding the tricolour. All the pieces were falling in place like just it was meant to be and the universe had conspired to make it happen.

She flew down to South Korea and along with her team mates held the tricolour during the opening ceremony and that feeling was beyond words. At that moment she just felt that more than a billion people have entrusted her with their dream of holding the tricolour on the podium. She gave it her best and she climbed the podium on 4th place for Team India along with Achintya and Sahil. “I missed the individual trophy by 0.07 second which was heart breaking but I am happy to have won team trophy along with my team mates. They have been my biggest strength and support system in South Korea and assisted me when I needed them the most. I did not even have a team India T-shirt. Sahil Khanna was kind enough to let me borrow his spare T-shirt. It’s been an emotional roller coaster and I am still trying to pinch myself in believing that I have done it. I have made India proud. “she said before signing off.