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Aashi Hanspal’s experience in Girls on Track – Rising Stars

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Aashi Hanspal with FIA WIM President Michelle Mouton

Day 1* proceedings were –

  1. The day began with a briefing, instructor assignment and a track walk.
  2. Further the 6 groups were divided into 2 batches.
  3. The day had two sections for each batch

Section 1 : A fitness evaluation.
Section 2 : Driving sessions.

Batch 1 would do section 1 followed by section 2.
Batch 2 would do section 2 followed by section 1.


Aashi was part of Batch 2

Section 1 had three activities.
A) Under Pressure Test:
Was a test based on reactions with increasing speed. The driver had to react to a signal with preassigned action for the respective signal.

B) Strength Test: Was a test of arm strength by simulating a weighted steering wheel.

C) Morphological Test: Similar to a BMI test. Created a report of the body with respect to muscle mass, bone density for the age and height of the driver.

*Section 2: *
Comprised of 4 sessions of 12 mins of on track driving and 20 min debrief sessions.

First episode of online series about FIA Girls on Track – Rising Stars project